The satisfaction degree of the consumers in regards to the product ‘physical therapy’ in rehabilitation centres

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Tatiana Dobrescu


The aim of this study is to identify the rehabilitation centre customer’s satisfaction degree taking into consideration the characteristics for this type of services. The research was conducted in the year 2018, on a group of 43 patients, with ages between 18 and 65 years. The questionnaire aimed to assess the satisfaction degree of the kinetics consumers and to spot the elements in the specialised centres that would win the loyalty of a customer. It was structured in four sections, considering the complexity of the decisional process in managing a centre, and the complex behaviour of the consumer throughout the whole session. The interpretation of the results on the basis of satisfaction scores for all the determining attributes/factors which the consumers said they were ‘very happy’ about, will ease the creation of loyalty strategies, price, product and personnel strategies, and also actions with an immediate result, to diminish the clients’ migration.


Keywords: The satisfaction degree, loyal consumer, physical therapy, rehabilitation centre.


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