The students’ perception of practicing bodybuilding considering the definition of fitness for the future sports trainers

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Tatiana Dobrescu


Starting from the importance of bodybuilding principles and means that aim at the somatic-functional and psychological development of practitioners, this sociological study was conducted on the first and second year students of the Faculty of Movement, Sports and Health Sciences of Bacau, from the Sport and Top Motor Performance programme. The research consisted in a sociological study, consisting in an inquiry, based on a questionnaire comprising 20 items using closed, precoded or open questions. The practice of fitness improving sports, and in this case of bodybuilding (even as a professional sport) have ample beneficial effects for their general physical and mental development such as: improvement of one’s health, beneficial influence of one’s conduct, improvement of one’s motor skills, it ensures a good level of fitness, mental- emotional balance, it develops one’s communication skills (especially nonverbal communication) and also, it develops the aesthetic sense.

Keywords: Bodybuilding, students, perception, fitness, sports trainers.


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