Educational reflections on the work of Constantin Radulescu-Motru former president of the Romanian Academy

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Virtop Sorin Avram


If one has to answer the question regarding who is one of the nation’s greatest educators, if not the first great educator,certainly, Constantin Radulescu-Motru (1868-1957) deserves to be the answer. This paper analyses the educational approach of Constantin Radulescu-Motru, through his work from Kantian perspectives, to those that are reminiscent of Wilhelm Wundt’s. Under the severe circumstances of his last years, his analytical and comprehensive approach to life’s conditions and the predicament that was recorded in his 75 notebooks, which were preserved by his close collaborator and disciple, I.-M.Nestor, offer a thoroughly engaging view of the world of ideas, which were predominating and, above all, raise a philosophical spirit free of all that is mundane and irrelevant. The attribute of educating a nation has found a relevant representative in the overall work of this thinker and magnificent human character above all.
Keywords: Education, vocation, personality, profession.


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