The significance of developing reading skills in translator and language teacher training

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Gabriella Kovacs


In certain domains, such as translatingand language teaching, appropriate reading comprehension and interpretation of written texts is essential; therefore, in the training process for these professions, the development of reading skills and reading strategy awareness should not be neglected. The purpose of this study is to examine the reading habits and strategies of a group of Hungarian first year translation and interpretation students, most of whom are also language teacher trainees when working with texts written in English. Their reading strategy awareness is measured with an instrument; their reading comprehension performance is assessed with the help of the reading comprehension part of a standardised test; correlation is measured between their reading comprehension level and their ability to translate an English text into their native language. The results show that students’ reading comprehension skills are not always on the required level and their reading level significantly influences the ability to translate texts into Hungarian.


Keywords: Reading comprehension, reading strategies, reading for translation.


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