A conceptual framework to explain the relationship among electronic customer relationship management and electronic customer lifetime value: investigation the antecedents and presentation a structural model

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Mohammad Safari


This study investigates the relationship between electronic customer relationship management (CRM) and electronic customer lifetime value and their analysis in the electronic business environment in the form of a conceptual framework. CRM is a tool that different industries, especially in competitive conditions, use to maintain customers and increase their satisfaction. An important concept that arises as customer lifetime value that specifies the expected amount of value that the client in a given period of time creates is undoubtedly related to the benefits that accrue to the organisation. The global nature of business as well as the development of information and communication technology is forcing organisations to take advantage of emerging technologies to maintain their competitiveness. The use of e-business is a prominent example. The results of this study could help both researchers and executives of organisations and businesses with the subject of research, and provide good insights for them.

Keywords: Electronic business (e-Business), electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM), electronic customer lifetime value (e-CLV), relationship marketing;


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