How is a research that children want? Hearing the children’s voices during the research process!

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Neslihan Avci


It is important to get the views of children during participation in the research process. The Committee on the Rights of the Child mentions the aspects to be conveyed to children who participate in research processes. A ‘symmetrical approach’ must be adopted for getting children’s own consent, and informing them about the research and participatory methods. This study aims to utilise children‘s voices for research processes, and their participation and the participatory methods they prefer are the main goals. Children’s views on their research processes, their needs and their interests are investigated and the data collected via semi-structured interviews from seven male and seven female children by sampling and snowball sampling techniques. The majority of the children were found to be keen to participate in the research and they wanted a positive approach; they also have different expressions according to their contextual characteristics, like the place to conduct the research.

Keywords: Children’s voice, research, researcher.


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