Impact of the Cultural Changes After the Population Exchange on Spatial Organization and Use of Spaces: Case of Trilye Houses

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Dilara Tüfekçioğlu


Turkey has hosted different cultures and societies throughout history, which is reflected in their buildings in all the cities in the country. However, modern adjustments are implemented by acknowledging the building as it is, or by completely renovating it. Trilye is a Greek town that was turned into a Turkish one after the population exchange between Turkey and Greece. Thus, while Trilye houses have the appearance of traditional Turkish houses, they were organised according to the Greek lifestyles. These buildings are on the verge of losing their authenticity due to the destructive effects of time and restorations. This study aims to examine the unity of the lifestyles, the space designs of different cultures, and the harmony and changing methods in the case of disharmony. It is an assessment of the method of survival and protection of historical values in Trilye by visiting and photographing many houses in Trilye, among others.

Keywords: Greek-Turkish culture, lifestyles, living spaces, renovation, restoration


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