Communication of Advertisement with Consumers in Terms of Indicators

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Hülya Gündoğdu


Visual communication is an inevitable part of social life nowadays. In today’s world, communication is quite intense and for people to observe every chart around themselves is out of the question. Charts have invaded the lives of people more than they did in the past. Companies and brands use the strength of charts to put their products before others, to increase their memorability and affordability. Advertisements are representation mechanisms and chart systems that are the shortest and most effective ways to communicate with people visually. Influences of charts in creation of successful brands have been recognised and with more and more intense studies, semiology is improving day by day in this era of visual symbols. The purpose of this study is to help the advertising language to be understood better, which leads to the consumption habits of individuals, especially in the advertisement world and affects their attitudes and behaviours.

Keywords: Chart, semiology, visual communication, advertisement, mass communication, consumer, image, perception.


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Gündoğdu, H. (2017). Communication of Advertisement with Consumers in Terms of Indicators. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(11), 113-121.