Attitudes and opinions of special education candidate teachers regarding digital technology

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Fezile Ozdamli


Parallel to the rapid development of information and communication technology, the demand for its use in schools and classroom is increasing. So, the purpose of this study is to determine the attitudes and views of students who will be special education teachers in the future regarding digital technology on the use in education. A mixed method, qualitative and quantitative, was used to collect data. Attitude Scale for Digital Technology was used as a quantitative data collection tool and a semi-structured interview form was used to collect qualitative data. A total of 275 students studying at Special Education teaching department of Near East University participated in this study. The findings indicated that the candidate teachers had a positive attitude towards the use of technologies. The findings obtained from the qualitative dimensions of the study showed that the candidate teachers had positive views about the use of technology by the special education students in their learning process.

Keywords: Special education, teacher candidates, digital technology, attitudes.


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