General properties of elmacik fossil beds and Its importance in view of anatolian paleogeography

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Nurfeddin Kahraman


Tefenni Basin, is located in the southwestern part of Burdur Basin. Elmacık village where paleontological excavations was made, is established at the place where Elmacık stream opens to Tefenni basin.        Elmacık fossil beds, were discovered during the geomorphological studies we did in 1997. Lake containing fossil, marsh layers consisting of fillers, are located on the Formation of Burdur. These layers showing different color and texture features, are tilted 10-15 degrees to the east-southeast direction by tectonic movements affecting region. Due to subsidence and rising as a cause of tectonic reasons, this layer series are located at different altitudes. Elmacık fossil beds insitu situation have mostly fossil localities. Secondary fossils are also observed in some layer series. Secondary fossil finds, consists of horn and bone oms belonging to various species lived in earlier periods. Elmacık vertebrate fossil bed, is located between the Neogene fossil beds in Tokmacık town of Isparta province and Özlüce village of Muğla province in south west Anatolia., According to these findings, Elmacık fossil bed shows a bed feature where comparisons can be made in view of the spread and migration of the upper Neogene faunal species. Between 2006 - 2009, excavations were made in five localities in Elmacık fossil beds. Through this excavations, the presence of twelve different macro species were identified in the region, macro proboscidians being in the first place. Among the excavated fossils, defense tooth of South Mamut, has been the largest ivory ever found in Turkey. Palaeontological findings excavated from the Elmacık beds, will be exhibited in a museum of natural history established in the center of Burdur. With new work to be done in the Elmacık fossil beds, withdrawal stages of Burdur Pliocene lake, Pliocene tectonic movements affecting the region and new evidence of Quaternary transition period may also be obtained.   

Keywords: Elmacık fossil beds, Burdur Formation, South mammoth, the natural history museum.


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