First step of the eurasian integration

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Maigul Mekebaeva
Seilbek Mussatayev
Yergali Omargazy
Gulnar Nassimova


In article the author analyzed the history of emergence and development of the Eurasian economic union, there are considered the problems of its functioning in the conditions of accession to the World Trade Organization. It should be noted that the Eurasian integration approached to important point in its history. At the beginning of the first year of functioning of the Union optimists and supporters of unconditional integration without any questions were prevailed. However, recently, many questions and problems have been accumulated. The most part of questions is connected with the results of the first year of functioning of Eurasian economic union, and also, how economic model of this union is equitable to national and economic interests of each country separately. Therefore the author having investigated integration processes within EEU, feature of competitive fight in EEU, the reason of contradictions, and also, consequences to which devaluation of ruble and tenge have led, the dumping prices in Russia which negatively influence the competitiveness of economies of Kazakhstan and Belarus, has tried to answer a question whether there is a prospect at the Eurasian economic union. Complex research of a present state and problems of functioning of EEU was carried out with an application of comparative and system analyses, the content analysis, event-analysis, SWOT analysis, etc. methods of the political science analysis. Article is written on the basis of reliable factual materials. Also more often researchers do not write the political aspect of the integration processes taking place in the Eurasian space. Though it is obvious, that exactly the political motivation is the most important argument for many supporters of economic integration.

Key words: Eurasian economic union, Eurasian integration, political issue, competitiveness, economic security.


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Mekebaeva, M., Mussatayev, S., Omargazy, Y., & Nassimova, G. (2017). First step of the eurasian integration. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(2), 221-228.


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