Time management in Turkish nurses

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Gülsüm Ançel
Yasemin Yilmaz


Time management is an essential skill for the employees who work in a busy health settings. This was descriptive study and the aim of this study is to determine the importance paid for time management in nursing. in Turkey. Data was collected by searching “Ulakbim National Databases and Turkish Medline and 22 studies out of 365 were included in the assessment.. While studies which determine time usage show that nurses do not use their time efficiently, studies which measure time management skill,  time management skill of nurses or students is at medium-high level. In order to clarify this contradiction, much more studies should be carried out and apart from descriptive studies factors which effect use of time in working environment should be analyzed. This study shows that the issue of time management in nursing is not analyzed as a privileged issue in Turkey and there has not been study that would evaluate time management of nurses.

Keywords: Nurse, student, time management, work sampling


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Ançel, G., & Yilmaz, Y. (2017). Time management in Turkish nurses. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(2), 205-211. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjhss.v2i2.445


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