A policy analysis study: Family medicine

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Cagdas Erkan Akyurek
Esin Mutluer
Deniz Tugay Arslan


Every single government which accepts the reality that “healthy nations comprise of healthy citizens” choose to make reforms in the healthcare systems that they are responsible to govern, in the frame of policies they have adopted. The most extensive action in the last 20 year of Turkish Republic in this context is Health Transformation Programme (HTP). “Family Physician Model” is one the significant steps through the purpose of abolishing the obstacles in front of access to health care services, which is one of the main aims of HTP. In this study, it is aimed to present a critical perspective by revealing the main reasons to adopt family medicine as a fundamental political choice, taking a glance at the history of family medicine, examining the changes created by family medicine and giving place to the views of shareholders.

Keywords: family physician, healthcare, health policies, primary health care services, policy analysis



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Akyurek, C. E., Mutluer, E., & Arslan, D. T. (2017). A policy analysis study: Family medicine. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(2), 76-83. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjhss.v2i2.418


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