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Prayuth Chusorn Cheaztha Bhoprathab Pornpimon Chusorn Pramook Chusorn Yupawarat Kentekrom


Research for development policy for the Effective Research University case study of Khon Kaen University used the principle of policy research divided into three stages: 1) the synthesis document 2) Interviews of experts and 3) focus group discussion. Target groups include administrators, faculty member and university researchers. Research tools were documentary analysis questionnaires and the focus group form.  The analysis and interpreted data were performed by content analysis.

Research findings

 As a leading research university with international quality and standards as importance goal which requires challenge strategies aimed to integrative change as follows,

Preparing personnel together, determine the faculty strategies to support personnel and researchers, using a variety of research products, creative works develop into applied research and development research and create system and mechanisms of intellectual property to develop into commercial applications continuously. Establishing research fund to motivate faculty members researchers and graduate students for knowledge technologies to be utilized and satisfy the needs of local and nationally. Knowledge management of the experiences of a senior researcher ,support the teaching and learning process by using the study as a base by integrating research and teaching at both the subjects and courses including the use of research-based knowledge to manage the process of decision making, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and improvement work. Support for research and transfer research to the public focus on professional development and quality of life as well as the base for the development of networking and knowledge sharing. Awards & recognition / reward and honor researchers and research institution with outstanding performance in research and innovation to accelerate the strengthening of research integration, towards selfreliance build competitiveness and social guides.  

Keywords: Research University,  challenge strategies 


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