Cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the context of key determinants of their implementation in the pre-merger-andacquisition process

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Jaroslava Heckova


Cross-border mergers and acquisitions enable creation of business synergies, gain economies of scale, reduce costs, increase market power and create competitive superiority. The aim of this contribution is therefore to identify and specify the key determinants of implementation of the pre-merger-and-acquisition process (based on analyses of the views of managers from 120 companies) and to verify the new original methodology – ante-Determinants of Mergers and Acquisitions (aDM&A). A factor analysis of the data collected (by means of principal component analysis and varimax rotation) allowed extraction of four key determinants of implementation of the pre-merger-and-acquisition process. The paper also presents the basic parameters of the methodology aDM&A (eigenvalues, percentage of variance explained, Cronbach’s alpha, inter-correlations of the extracted factors), and the results of the analysis of differences in assessment of the extracted factors by managers.

Keywords: Cross-border mergers, cross-border acquistions, pre-merger management, pre-acqusition management, methodology aDM&A.


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