Labour control regimes and resistance of workers: A field study on Denizli textile workers

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Hande Sahin


Parallel to the capitalist development processes, the nature and varieties of control regimes have been changed. The control has been sometimes conducted directly, sometimes indirectly. But the common point of each control mechanism is the complexity of different practices of management and what workers do with these practices. In the first years of capitalism, labour control regimes are generally simple and direct. Together with Taylorism, it has gained technical importance and now become more hegemonic. The aim of this study is to examine the labour control regimes and resistances of workers to these regimes through a case study. For this purpose, in-depth interviews were conducted with a total of 45 workers, one factory owner, one general manager, two department managers, two chiefs, one foreman, three subcontractor workshop owners in Denizli textile. The results show that workers develop very limited resistance, and the working conditions determine the resistance strategies of workers.

Keywords: Labour control regimes, resistance of workers, Turkey.


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