Modern methods for the cost management and process improvement integrated in the change management

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Katarina Marcinekova


The process of evaluation and monitoring of changes is difficult. The aim of change implementation is to achieve a positive effect. Adoption of an appropriate method is dependent on many different factors as well as an evaluation of a change influence. In the connection with that it is necessary to deal with process improvement. The utilisation of modern approaches in the Cost Management is really important. The aim of the paper is to show partial results of the primary quantitative research focusing on the Change Management integrated to the area of cost calculation, change effects and process optimisation. The data was acquired via questionnaire. Respondents would fill the questionnaire in online form as well as through personal interview. The questions were focused on the range of the utilisation of the modern methods, tools, indicators and calculations by Slovak enterprises. The tools of descriptive and inductive statistics were used for data analysis.

Keywords: Process optimisation, calculation, cost, change management.


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