Innovation and information business processes and their impact on the business performance of industrial companies in Slovakia

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Rastislav Rajnoha


A business entity interested in long-term business, should realise innovations that drive business and are regarded as a tool to maintain competitiveness. A number of studies and research papers show that innovation has a significant role in the social and economic development. This paper focuses on innovation and information processes and their impact on overall business performance of industrial enterprises in Slovakia, mainly from wood-processing, automotive and engineering industries (N = 164). The business performance was expressed through Return on equity (ROE). The results point that these industrial companies from Slovakia have a strong focus on the systematic application of innovation procedures and specific business processes. Companies that use technological innovations achieve above average ROE value more than 7% (statistically significant dependence p-value < 0.05, the alpha level associated with 95% confidence level) and they need a system to formulate how innovation help them to survive and improve their performance.

Keywords: Business process management, innovation, business performance, strategic management, industry.


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