Human resource management practices and organisational commitment: employees’ perspective in the Nigerian hospitality sector

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Ohunakin Folakemi


Employee commitment to the organisation is one of the major tools for building organisational capabilities towards gaining competitive advantage and effectiveness over others in any industry. However, this requires effective human resource management practices, thereby leading to favourable and enhanced organisational outcomes. This study seeks to examine the impact of three human resource management practices including: performance management, compensation system, and teamwork, on employee organisational commitment. To proffer a solution to the aforementioned objective, paper and pen data collection was done for 312 employees in six selected guesthouses in south-west Nigeria. SPSS and structural equation modelling (SEM) were used for analysing the data collected. The outcomes revealed positive and statistical significant effect of human resource management practices on the employee organisational commitment. This study concludes that, performance management, compensation system and teamwork play major role in boosting the employees’ organisational commitment in the study sector.

Keywords: Performance management, compensation system, teamwork, organisational commitment, hospitality sector.


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