Organisational agility and KM strategy: Are they effective tools for achieving sustainable organisational excellence?

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Nibedita Saha


This paper deliberates the influence of organisational agility (OA) on knowledge management (KM), which enables organisations to survive and achieve their competitive advantage through developing and integrating the KM strategy and sustainable knowledge transfer capability. Currently, the conception of agility has become widespread in organisational performance and in the knowledge development process. How organisations define an agile knowledge development process, how we know that an organisation’s KM strategy is agile and how we can assume that an organisation can achieve and sustain their excellence through OA and KM strategy are the questions addressed in this paper. It presents the concept of OA of KM and provides an approach for the significance of this agility, with a knowledge development approach that appraises the agility as an amalgamation function. It combines the competence of individual and organisational presentation and other complementary aspects.

Keywords: Competencies, competitive advantage, efficiency, effectiveness, knowledge management, organisational agility, strategy, organisational performance.


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