The influence of supervisory support on work motivation: a moderating role of organizational support

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Afaf Khalid


This study investigates the effect and interaction of various factors on the motivation of the post-graduate trainees in the hospitals to work. It also aims to highlight the importance of certain factors that could influence the motivation of the postgraduate trainees to work better. This cross-sectional study tested relationships between the supervisor support, organisational support, job value and motivation to work. It further explored the interaction between organisational support and supervisor support. Data were collected from 335 doctors enrolled in post-graduate training in five teaching hospitals in the public sector in Lahore at that time. Pearson correlation and regression analysis along with the macro PROCESS were used to analyse the data. It was found that supervisor support and job value positively affects the motivation to work, while organizational support interacts with supervisor support to enhance motivation to work among doctors. The results of this study can help the supervisors and the dean of the hospitals to get a better understanding of the factors that play a role in affecting the motivation level of the relatively young doctors of the public sector hospitals to work effectively and efficiently.

Keywords: Motivation to work, supervisor support, organizational support, job value.


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