Evaluation of process performance in companies operating in Slovakia

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Zuzana Papulova


One of the current approaches to performance management is based on examination of organisational performance through measurement and evaluation of the processes. Processes provide an excellent basis for the arrangement of a measurement system and performance management. The application of the process approach in performance management is based on the evaluation of processes rather than on the output results. Based on our research, we bring findings about approaches to process performance evaluation of companies operating in Slovakia. The aim of our research is to assess current approaches for evaluation of process performance in the context of application of process orientation in companies operating in Slovakia. We used questionnaires to collect data. Our sample consists of 137 companies from various sectors, sizes and age to obtain a broader overview. The results show the level of utilisation of process management and approaches to evaluation of process performance towards process improvement.

Keywords: Performance measurement, business processes, process performance;


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