Knowledge management as a strategy of customer relationship management: A study of tourism industry in Vietnam

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Vu Minh Ngo


This study focuses on understanding the application of knowledge management practices as strategies of customer relationship management by managers in hospitality industry in Vietnam. Thirty in-depth interviews with managers and executives who are involved in tourism-related activities in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in tourism industry in different destinations in Vietnam facilitated the analysis. The analysis was carried out in the light of grounded theory. The analysis indicated that the use of customer relationship management (CRM) strategies in SMEs in tourism industry is at a moderate level. Yet, the performance of personalities who are involved in CRM activities in their jobs is intervened by knowledge management and dynamic capabilities. Precisely, while knowledge management mediates, dynamic capabilities moderate the relationship between CRM and performance of SMEs in tourism industry in Vietnam.

Keywords: Customer relationship management, knowledge management, dynamic capabilities, SMEs, Vietnam.


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