The Latest Trends in Graphic Design: Handmade Typographic Posters

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Seda Nur Atasoy


Modern art and design movements such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco and international Typographic Style emerged in Switzerland in the 1950s have been a major influence in the development of modern posters language. Today, this contemporary orientations are being developed and dealt with in a different dimension.Typography in posters is used within the image or the typographic elements themselves coming together and converting into a visual form. The failure of the image of the poster to convey the desired message quickly and dramatically, not to observe the spaces in the use of typographic elements, to pass in front of the image with the color of the font used, lack of simplicity may be mentioned as many problems that can be replicated. However typography is not only the gap between characters, text font and color. It is the conformity of letters with the design applied. It is the art of representing the work with letters. And in this representation designers have made different attempts to find the most accurate and newest and were directed to handmade posters in their search.In this research, basis of the problems of the orientation to the hand-crafted typographic posters which is a different quest spreading rapidly today and reasons pushing the designer to this new quest were examined and in the light of obtained findings, examples of typographic posters in new quests made by designers were presented.

Keywords: handmade typography, typographic problem in posters, experimental typography.


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