An Evaluation on the Relation between Gastronomy and Art: The Case of Ferran Adria

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Setenay Sipahi


Presenting or eating are not only being physiological needs but also psychological needs related with taste and pleasure. Today a discipline called gastronomy studies above-mentioned needs in the light of different interdisciplinary areas such as art. Highlighted aesthetical concerns and creative styles while serving the food has grown in recent years and this trend indicates that gastronomy has a close relation with art. The aim of this study is to question the descriptive aspects of the gastronomy as an art or not. First, the terms of “aesthetic”, “beautiful” and “creativity” are reviewed. The case of Ferran Adria’s works was evaluated how avant-garde postmodern art movements effected. It was concluded that gastronomy can be accepted as an art and new cookery applications can be defined as contemporary art. As a matter of fact, Adrian’s works reveals that he is not only the chef who changed cooking, presentation and eating habits radically but he is also an artist.

Keywords: Contemporary Art, New Cookery, Aesthetic, Creativity, Ferran Adria;


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