Effect of Social Relations on Life Quality in Traditional Texture and New Habitats

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Sevgi Ozturk


In this study, social life and the status of social relations of individuals living in Hepkebirler District and Inonu District, one that has an extremely traditional texture and the other is one of the new habitat regions in Kastamonu City, respectively, are determined. A 10-question set was asked in the survey with the purpose to investigate the issue. The result of the survey shows that the most positive estimations were ‘has an intensive population’ for Inonu District and ‘being peaceful and tranquil’ for the other. In addition, most negative opinion was that ‘costs of the residence and rents are cheap in the environment where I live’ for both districts. However, this condition is more pressing for Inonu District as a new living location.

Keywords: Life quality, social structure, Kastamonu.


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