Mapping Strategy of Practicing Visual Art for Academic Purpose: a Perspective from Indonesia

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Aprina Murwanti


Practice-based research was formally introduced in western academic institutions after the emergence of PhD visual art practice in early 1980 in Australia. This practice-based research approach became an alternative for artists to claim equality of art practice as research for academic purposes. Utilising Graeme Sullivan’s framework, ‘Art Practice as Research’, this paper maps visual art practice perceived as research in Indonesia. Interviews and focus group discussions from a total of 27 participants were analysed to map the symptoms of practice-based research approach in Indonesian visual art practice. This paper gives the strengths and weaknesses in the way participants (artists, curator, lecturer, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as art manager) in Indonesia approach the practice of visual art in the academic context. Through this research, traces on how visual art is practiced in the academic context reveal the distinct Indonesian visual art practice at the higher education institution level.

Keywords: Practice-based research, visual art practice, academic.


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