Scale: New Strategies in Site-Specific Art

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Seda Ozen Tanyildizi


Today, one of the crucial issues for discussions on site-specific art is scale. The journey of site-specific art, starting with a quite minimal insertion into an empty gallery space is now institutionalised according to utterly different aims, sometimes involving enormous dimensions. However, to discuss the subject of ‘site-specific art’ only with regard to high-budget projects of major institutions would mean ignoring the large group of artists who work outside these controversial circumstances, employ physical features of a site as a tool to convey their artistic approaches, and do not make compromises in the face of institutional pressure. This study analyses new alternatives regarding site-specific art today and reviews these examples through the recent popular issue of scale, considering the necessity for artists to make compromises in line with the demands of institutions or viewers. The data were collected via questionnaires and interviews, with artists who live and work in Berlin.

Keywords: Site-specific art, scale, public art.


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Tanyildizi, S. (2017). Scale: New Strategies in Site-Specific Art. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(11), 107-112.