Interactive Digital Displays for Outdoor Advertising

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Begüm Eken


As we live in a period called the ‘Information Age’, new communication technologies are enabling newer possible ways for advertisers to interact differently with customers. High-technology televisions, the Internet, touch screens and such technologies are changing the media environment. Therefore, it changes the ways of communication. Nowadays, interactive digital displays are more commonly used for outdoor advertisements such as shop displays, billboards and on public transport. This research explores the impacts of interactive digital displays for outdoor advertising and how efficiently they engage with customers. Advertising media is evolving into a whole new level with upcoming developments. However, it still needs a full adaptation by customers. While relatively young customers adapt more easily with the interactive displays, certain kinds of customers still prefer traditional media. This research seeks to find how effective interactive display use for advertising is, while comparing customer adaptation of new media technologies with traditional media.

Keywords: Interactive displays, outdoor advertising, digital signage.


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