Architectural Solution to Economic and Environmental Challenges: The Generic Plastic Villa

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Oluwole Alagbe


This paper proposes the use of waste plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles as a construction entity instead of standardised bricks. Waste plastic bottles are a major cause of solid waste disposal. Today, the construction industry is in need of finding cost-effective materials for increasing the strengths of structures. The benefits of the use of PET bottles are improved ductility in comparison with raw blocks and inhibition of crack propagation after its initial formation. One of the main disadvantages in construction of houses is the high cost involved. Plastic bottle is considered as an urban junk with sustainability characteristics that can be used for construction of buildings. This paper investigates the application of plastic bottles for sustainable development. The solution offered in this paper is one of the answers to the long-standing menace of unemployment, waste disposal and poor conditions of living.

Keywords: Plastic bottle, sustainable material, sustainable development, urban wastage, construction material.


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