The Change of the Hospital Architecture from the Early Part of 20th Century to Nowadays: An Example of Konya

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Dicle Aydin


The hospitals that served in the name of ‘darussifa’ in Seljuk Empire period in Anatolia continued their service during Ottoman Empire period. The health institutions in different areas in Ottoman period were replaced by ‘Gureba hospitals’ in 19th century. The change in Anatolia was realised, after the declaration of the Republic and with the development of its economy, and lived in every area; hospital buildings were constructed first as ‘Gureba hospitals’ then as ‘country hospitals’ in Anatolia cities like Konya after the big cities like İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. In this study, the change and development of the hospital architecture in Konya are discussed and the change from ‘Gureba hospital’ of early 20th century to the today’s stateaffiliated comprehensive research hospitals is illustrated. The change of hospitals is evaluated via bed capacity, building size and formal differentiations.

Keywords: Hospital architecture, change of hospitals, Konya, Anatolia.


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