Views of students’, teachers’ and parents’ on the tablet computer usage in education

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Emrah Soykan


This study aims at identification of views of teachers, students and their parents at Near East College in North Cyprus on use of tablets in education. The research is a descriptive case study. In collection of data, semi-structured interviews appropriate for qualitative research methods are used. Study group for this research is composed of high educated teachers (f=64), students (f=319) and also parents (f=134). As result of the analysis carried out in this research which was performed in this direction, it has been seen that teachers, students and parents evaluate the problems related with tablet PCs under the following two sub-dimensions; the experienced problems of during tablet supported education and the benefits of tablet pc usage in education. If we look at the results in this line, we come across with connectivity and technical infrastructure problems which interrupts the lesson or even causes it to end as the biggest problem experienced by teachers and students during the learning activities. The biggest concern of parents, another of our study groups, regarding the use of tablets in education is that games may decrease students’ motivation.  Teachers stated the biggest benefit provided by tablet supported education is the increase in learning speed of students as a result of visuals and interaction provided by tablets.

Keywords: mobile learning, tablet pcs, tablet pc supported instruction, technology based instruction, information technology.


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Soykan, E. (2015). Views of students’, teachers’ and parents’ on the tablet computer usage in education. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 10(3), 228-244.