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Gonca Gorsev Uğur Türkmen Cihat Aşkın


In today's world, in order to obtain the information in education, various approaches, methods and devices have been developed. Like many developing countries, e-learning and distance learning (internet based learning) are used today in many areas of education in Turkey. This research aims to contribute to education systems and develop a 'Cihat Aşkın and Little Friends' e-learning model in order to improve the project. 'Cihat Aşkın and Little Friends' is an education system project by worldwide by Turkish violin virtuoso Cihat Aşkın. The aim of this system is to encourage people to play violin and disseminate playing violin as an instrument. In this project, individuals   are accepted into the 'Cihat Aşkın and Little Friends' program regardless of their age and talent. In 2001, Cihat Aşkın’s project has started in Bursa and today it proceeds in twelve different cities of Turkey. Thanks to this education system of 'Cihat Aşkın and Little Friends', hundreds of children without musical foreknowledge have started to play violin in Turkey.  This paper aims to evaluate teachers’ thoughts and opinions about e-learning technology use for 'Cihat Aşkın and Little Friends' Project. Survey method was used and educators’ attitude towards 'Cihat Aşkın and Little Friends' e-learning model was analyzed.  The results reveal that   teachers in the project have positive feelings and opinions about the e-learning model. It is believed that by teachers of the project, e-learning technology use will improve in violin education thanks to the project to a great extent. Moreover, it is thought that this study contributes to violin education in Turkey and related researches in the future. 

Keywords: E-learning, CAKA (Cihat Aşkın and Little Friends), violin education.


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