Evaluation of the department of Earth sciences and universe through teachers

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Abdellatif Chakib
Ghalem Zahour
Mohammed Talbi
Ahmed Sayad


In this study, we are interested in the evaluation of the department of the Earth Sciences and Universe (Science de la Terre & l'Univers - STU), Faculty of Science Ben MSik, Casablanca, Morocco, through teachers of the department of Geology.The accomplishment of this work passes through an evaluation that was carried out firstly through a satisfaction survey and secondly, a questionnaire containing questions related to the profile of the teachers, program and educational strategies of discipline offering training to the level of Bachelor. We used Sphinx software to analyze the data through the application, namely, flat table, the crossing of the questions and the specifications table. The goal is to evaluate training within the department of STU in quality and quantity.  This research allowed us to identify many problems of the students who enrolled in this department.In other words these results are response elements that would help improve the teaching-learning of the STU field.

Keywords: Evaluation, STU, survey, questionnaire, teachers, Morocco.


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Chakib, A., Zahour, G., Talbi, M., & Sayad, A. (2017). Evaluation of the department of Earth sciences and universe through teachers. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 9(4), 201-211. https://doi.org/10.18844/wjet.v9i4.2506

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