National energy strategies of Germany and Turkey

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Anil Berkin




Since the last decade, the energy policies of some countries have changed. The investments in renewable energy sources have significantly increased in developed and developing countries, as the cost of the renewable plants are decreasing, during the same time. Germany, one of the most important country of Europe in terms of energy, has fastened its green energy policy, while Turkey, one of the most important developing countries in terms of energy demand, has showed a huge growth with the help of the agreements and new energy policy according to the European Union acquis. Germany and Turkey has always been in contact with each other because of their background. In this paper, their energy policies, future plans, energy production and consumption will be analysed and compared.

Keywords: Germany, Turkey, energy policies, energy strategies.



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Berkin, A. (2017). National energy strategies of Germany and Turkey. World Journal of Environmental Research, 7(1), 40-51.