Social responsibility of media on environmental dangers: Warning productions

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Sedat Cereci



Environmental problems are the most serious matters which are caused by electrical and electronical and technological conditions in the world. Media are the most common instruments in the world and numerous messages are conveyed via media, even warnings or threats. Media have sovereignty on people and have power to persuade people and to persuade administrators. All topics and all matters can be used by media and media can change all matters to attractive topics and media can set a fantastic imaginary world for people. Environmental matters are sometimes used by media but media ususally focus sensational dimensions of environment and serious problems about environment are generally ignored. Media have many facilities and great power to warn people about environmental risks and envitonmental dangers and environmental responsibilities.

Keywords: Environment, media, responsibility, danger, warning.




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Cereci, S. (2017). Social responsibility of media on environmental dangers: Warning productions. World Journal of Environmental Research, 7(1), 27-35.