Effect of physical and geometrical parameters on low-velocity impact response of sandwich beams with carbon nanotube reinforced face sheets

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S. Jedari Salami


The response of sandwich beam with carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced composite face sheets and soft core when subjected to the action of an impacting mass is analysed theoretically. Contact force between the impactor and the beam is obtained using the conventional Hertz law. The field equations are derived via the Ritz based applied to the total energy of the system. The solution is obtained in the time domain by implementing the well-known Runge–Kutta method. After examining the validity of the present solution, the effects of distribution of CNTs, nanotube volume fraction, core-to-face sheet thickness ratio, initial velocity of the impactor and the impactor mass are studied in detail. Finally, it is concluded that, the highest peak contact force and the lowest indentation of the top face sheet belong to the sandwich beam with V-distribution figure of face sheet, followed by the uniformly distributed and Λ-ones, respectively.

Keywords: Carbon nanotube fibers, sandwich beam, soft core.


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