Improving Informative and Narrative Writing Skills Associated with Multimodal Literacy of Middle School Students

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Mazhar Bal



The purpose of this research is to improve informative and narrative writing skills of middle school students. Text writing process is not limited to written text; it has been tried to move to a multimodal dimension. Comic books are used as multimoal texts. For this purpose, students generated informative and narrative comic books. An action plan was prepared for this text generation process and the research was carried out in accordance with this action plan. Therefore, the study was designed with action research. The research group is middle school students. Data collection techniques were student diary, semi-structured interview form, semi-structured observation form, documents. The documents consist of comics produced by the students. Descriptive analysis and content analysis techniques were used together in the analysis. It has been determined that the writing process has not attracted students. Comic books have been shown to attract students It has also been found that the process of semantics interpretation of the text is facilitated. It has been determined that most spelling and punctuation mistakes were made in the writing process. It is thought that the reasons for these mistakes are the habits of out-of-school life. It has been determined that writing processes related to multimodal texts have a positive effect on students' interest and sense of responsibility. Based on the results of the research, it is possible to make writing studies for the integration of multimodal texts with in-school and out-of-school life; the effectiveness of the writing process must be increased by increasing the number of layers; it is suggested that the multimodal text rendering process can contribute to classroom management.

Keywords: Comic book; graphic novel; informative writing; middle school student; narrative writing.


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Bal, M. (2019). Improving Informative and Narrative Writing Skills Associated with Multimodal Literacy of Middle School Students. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 10(4), 250-265.