Integration of Virtual Reality Fire Drill Application into Authentic Learning Environments

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Tansel Tepe
Devkan Kaleci
Hakan Tüzün


In this study, a virtual reality fire drill application was developed with Head-Mounted Display virtual reality technology for university students. The aim of the study is to evaluate the integration process of this virtual reality application into authentic learning environments in terms of student opinions. Case study methodology was used in the study. The results show that this technology provides useful and permanent learning, practice opportunity to students, and this technology increases the motivation and engagement to the courses as well. It has been pointed out by the students that this technology should be used as a practice environment after the theoretical courses in authentic learning environments because this technology can save time and prevent cost lost in addition to avoiding risk factors. The physical environment of the classes can be improved and wireless virtual reality goggles can be used for using this technology, more effectively and efficiently as a course support material in authentic learning environments.

Keywords: Virtual reality; Head-Mounted Display; virtual fire drill; authentic learning environments


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Tepe, T., Kaleci, D., & Tüzün, H. (2019). Integration of Virtual Reality Fire Drill Application into Authentic Learning Environments. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 10(4), 241-249.