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Haluk Soran


Dear Readers,

It is the great honor for us to publish 8th volume, 2nd issue of World Journal of Environmental Research. World Journal  of Environmental  Research  welcomes original  empirical  investigations  and comprehensive literature review articles focusing on  environmental issues. World Journal of Environmental  Research is an internationalpeer-refereed journal  which  publishes global  research  articles about  all  aspects of  environmental  areas with the  aim  of sharing  the  findings of  different  environmental issues  to  provide contributions  to  the scientific studies.

The  scope  of World  Journal  of Environmental  Research  (WJER) includes  major  topics such  as  environmental agriculture,  environmental biology,  environmental  biotechnology,  environmental engineering,  environmental health, environmental nanotechnology, environmental microbiology, environmental toxicology, environmental pollution  and   monitoring,   environmental   zoology,  environmental   ethics   and  biosciences,   environmental informatics, environmental biochemistry, environmental genetics, environmental botany, environmental issues related to biosciences, environmental biophysics, environmental geology.

A total number of eight (8) manuscripts were submitted for this issue and each paper has been subjected to double-blind  peer review  process  by the  reviewers  specialized in  the  related field.  At  the end  of  the review process, a total number of two (2) high quality research papers were selected and accepted for publication. Aim of this issue is to give the researchers an opportunity to share the results of their academic studies. There are  differentresearch  topics discussed  in  the articles.  The  topics of  the  next issue  will  be different.  You  can make sure that we will be trying to serve you with our journal with a rich knowledge in which different kinds of topics are discussed in 2018 Volume. We present many thanks to all the contributors who helped us to publish this issue.


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