Development of political culture of Kazakhstani students: Political and cultural determinants

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Kamaldinova Aikerim Assylbekovna
Nassimova Gulnar Orlenbaevna
Saitova Nina Alekseevna
Khalikova Shakhnaza Bahitzhanovna


Nowadays the problem of political activity and political culture of students has assumed some current character. The following article considers the degree of interest and participation of Kazakhstani youth in the politics and their political orientation in accordance with the results of content- analysis. The content-analysis was held within the framework of scientific project "The development of political culture in students of Kazakhstan as a strategic resource of the country ". The research and the analysis were fulfilled on the base of materials and publications in 15 associations with social-political direction registered in social network.  The research period is March - May 2015, in the period of preparations and conducting the extraordinary president elections in the RK. According to the results of the research it was revealed that most Kazakhstani students are equally interested in political processes and show interest in social-political life of the country. Also the results let us reveal the level of social state and students' attitude towards different directions of the government policy, the level of possibility of students' protesting mood. In conclusion the author gives recommendations for organs of government authority to think of the system of organisation of social monitoring of Kazakhstani youth's election mood.  By organisation it could be realised on the level of helding social interviewing, focus-teaming and expert interviewing, also by content-analysis of communities registered in social network.

Keywords: Kazakhstan student youth, political culture, political activity, determinants of youth political culture, elections, modernization.


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Aikerim Assylbekovna, K., Orlenbaevna, N. G., Alekseevna, S. N., & Bahitzhanovna, K. S. (2017). Development of political culture of Kazakhstani students: Political and cultural determinants. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(2), 148-153.


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