Mobile learning in Romania, a failed experience?

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Emil Stan


Some specialists in education sciences doubt the presence of computer resources in formal education: an almost general feeling that they might represent the Trojan horse wheeling in superficiality, ignorance and lack of discipline (Alessandro Barrico’s barbarians), destroying the ‘serious’ vein of schools, but aren’t there computers in schools? Isn’t there an IT infrastructure widely used in education? When the administration takes over, they make a special room, and they put the computers in that room and they have a computer period with a computer teacher. Our study starts from the hypothesis that the usage of mobile learning in class will intensify learning; starting from this idea, we planned to analyse how much the teachers from a specific region of Romania have at their disposal, the resources and competencies needed for mobile learning and in what measure they are really using those resources and competencies in a systematic manner in the educational.

Keywords: Mobile learning, multitasking, net generation, school teaching


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Stan, E. (2019). Mobile learning in Romania, a failed experience?. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 6(1), 296-303.