Build history through educational competences in the degree of primary education

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Maria Pilar Molina Torres


This work collects the results obtained from the teaching innovation project called: ‘Building History through educational competences in the Degree of Primary Education’, carried out in the course 2017/2018. Different educational competences present in the curricular projects related to the area of Social Sciences were worked during its development. During the proposal, several practical activities will be carried out, such as small research works during the visit to the Archaeological Museum of Cordoba and the realisation of historical models related to the chosen theme in the didactic itinerary that will be included in a group classroom blog. The interaction of two different branches of knowledge (Social Sciences and Humanities) allowed us to work in an interdisciplinary way to concretise in practice the different activities. In fact, the purpose of this didactic experience is the application of these activities by the students to take them to a real classroom context.

Keywords: Primary education degree, educational competencies, methodology, historical heritage, cooperative work.


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Molina Torres, M. P. (2019). Build history through educational competences in the degree of primary education. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 6(1), 277-285.