Ecofeminism and sustainable entrepreneurship: an alternative view of the planet

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Esther Mena Rodriguez
Victoria del Rocio Gomez Carrillo


The wage gap is undeniable. Part-time employment and temporary employment have the distinctive trademark of women. In times of crisis, the number of families that are economically dependent on women increases. In view of the current crisis and the great deterioration of our planet, an alternative approach to this problem is ecofeminism. It is necessary to stop the expansion of profit margins and excessive consumerism in favour of other drivers of change more in line with sustainable development. This research presents an assessment of an activity on the perceptions of postgraduate students faced with moral dilemmas. The objective of this activity was to show that there are gendered differences when responding to such moral dilemmas. The methodology used is qualitative and information was collected from the answers provided by the students who participated in the activity. The results show that there are slight gendered differences in the responses.

Keywords: Eco-feminism, moral dilemmas, postgraduate students, qualitative methodology, gender.


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Rodriguez, E., & Gomez Carrillo, V. (2019). Ecofeminism and sustainable entrepreneurship: an alternative view of the planet. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 6(1), 100-107.