Position paper mixed ceramic and porcelain on mud example applications

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Nilufer Nazende Ozkanli


It has been observed that organic or inorganic materials such as grass, straw, fibrous plants, plant roots and mineral additives have been added to the ceramic bodies in order to be stronger throughout history. The use of paper as an additive material. It is known that in the past years, a mixture called ‘Papier Mache’ in India has been used in papermaking in ceramics. Nowadays, many ceramic artists use paper additives in their artistic applications. Cellulosic fibres are a ceramics body since it prevents creaking of the ceramic during the course of drying of the ceramic due to its binding properties when mixed with clay as well as its lightness after firing. In this study, the use of the paper additive in kaolin, some sample applications and samples from artist works have been presented.
Keywords: Porcelain, artistic ceramic, paper additive ceramic.


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Ozkanli, N. N. (2018). Position paper mixed ceramic and porcelain on mud example applications. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(6), 34-44. https://doi.org/10.18844/prosoc.v5i6.3693