An interior design studio: Colour

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Nilay Ozsavas Ulucay


A workshop conducted with students about colour in interior design and methods of colour selection emphasises the importance of colour knowledge and its place in education. This paper contains studio practice and the evaluation of the works that are organised with the interior architecture students in a studio in Turkey. The studio aims to inform and practice the students about colour knowledge and methods of colour selection that has a significant role in the interior architecture profession. The workshop methodology consists of three phases: a pre-study, a presentation of this topic and finally, the same practice done again by students using the methods in presentations. Space is the same in the first and the last studies in which the students made colour selections, thus students can compare and interpret these two works. It is observed that the workshop made a significant difference in colour perception of the students.
Keywords: Interior design, colour selection, workshop, education, method.


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Ulucay, N. (2018). An interior design studio: Colour. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(6), 18-23.