The role and impact of politics on the Art of Pakistan for undergraduates

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Alia Hadi Ali


There was a quantitative research done on role and impact of politics on the Art of Pakistan. Art students have an introduction to political scenario affecting art. The target audience chosen were the undergraduates of Art and Design College Punjab University and National College of Arts in Lahore. This paper works as a parameter. The students are aware that Art can be influenced, moulded and reface with political influence. The selected audience is going to get affected by the policies and commandment of political structure which is present and affecting all professions of Pakistan. After the survey forms were filled by the student of bought institutions,the results of both institutions were compared. Furthermore, this paper helps in adding topics taught in the history of Art in graduate level in a way that what are the circumstances which can be requested by the government to look upon for the promotion of Art.
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