The study on determining environment and nature awareness of pre-school students and mentally disabled in Nigde province: Art therapy

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Gulbin Cetinkale Demirkan
Gulden Sandal Erzurumlu
Elcin Kuzucu


The study is about asking the children to draw who are students of pre-school and special education institutions. It is aimed to determine environment and nature awareness of the children with the guidance of school counseling services. It is only said that they can just draw on ‘environment and nature’. The children are not informed about what they must draw. The study is applied on 551 preschool students (65 of them are disabled ones) and performed at Nasrettin Hoca Pre-School, Sayde and Mahmut Tek Pre-School, Minik Kalpler Kindergarten, Safir Kindergarten, Odtu Schools, Private Nigde Akkol Schools, Emine Teoman Special Education and Practice Center in Nigde and Mahmut Ozenc Special Education Center in Bor-Nigde. The study brings out the comparison results of the pictures drawn by mentally disabled students and preschool students.

Keywords: Children, nature awareness, art therapy.


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