Ecuadorian universities towards intercultural education: Attitude of lecturers in Guayaquil

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Elier Gonzalez-Martinez
Christopher R. Reyes-Lopez


This research analyses the university lecturers’ attitude about intercultural education. The study was carried out in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, where university classrooms are multicultural spaces due to the confluence of students from different ethnic groups as well as national and international migrants. The ‘Scale of attitudes toward multicultural education’ was adapted to the Ecuadorian context and applied to 167 university lecturers. For conducting the survey, the snowball technique was selected, and the questionnaire was distributed via email. The reliability assessment showed an internal consistency index of 0.88. The results show a subjects’ favourable attitude towards intercultural education; however, there still exist a small group of lecturers slightly leaning towards the rejection of intercultural education.

Keywords: Attitude, intercultural education, lecturers, multicultural classrooms, university.


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