Towards a model of the axiological universe of teachers in Romanian pre-university education

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Venera-Mihaela Cojocariu
Gabriel Albu


The axiological dimension of the teacher’s professional profile in pre-university education has not been investigated in relation to its formative impact. The problem: the knowledge of the set of values on which this class of teachers build their activity. The aim: to develop an axiological model of the universe of values in which the Romanian pre-university education teachers believe. During the last 5 years, we conducted questionnaire-based surveys to investigate the specific set of values of teachers of the pre-university education system in Romania: preschool, primary, middle, high-school. The obtained data materialised in axiological sets for teachers at each level. Based on the comparative analysis and by structuring their common aspects, we will be able to develop a model of the axiological universe of all categories of teachers in the pre-university Romanian education. The findings of the study will have implications for the design of initial/continuous training courses.


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